Bobby Bare - (For a While) We Helped Each Other Out Lyrics

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Remember when I saw you standing slightly cryin' empty-handed
With no one that you could call your own
Looking up to someone somewhere asking for life with no despair
Begging for the world to leave you alone
Yes I shouldn't have butted in but you looked as if you could use a friend
And I'd lost one myself and was looking about
Remember it was kinda crazy I held my hand out you took it baby
For a while we helped each other out

Remember how I dried every tear that you cried
And gave you love to trust beyond a doubt
And whenever I was down you made me laugh brought me around
Yeah for a while we helped each other out

And early one day in the morning sun that time came we knew would come
And in our hearts well there was love no more
I guess we're just two of that kind that look for life but never find
The love in mind that we were looking for
But I always have the warm spot for you cause at one time I adored you
And if I pass this way again I'll shout
May be years 'fore I come through but when I do I'll call on you
Cause at one time we helped each other out
At one time we helped each other out

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