Bomb the Music Industry! - Showerbeers! Lyrics

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I just got paid/lost my job so it's a heavy night of drinking.
You can smoke in the bar so when I come home I'm stinking.
The smell on my clothes is offending to the nose
But that's not the reason that I'm stepping in.
The only reason I take a shower is so I can drink a showerbeer.

Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Happy Anterrabae Day!!!
  • 2 Congratulations, John, on Joining Every Time I Die
  • 3 Showerbeers!
  • 4 Stand There Until You’re Sober
  • 5 Dude, Get With the Program
  • 6 Bomb the Music Industry! (And Action Action) (And Refused) (And Born Against) Are Fucking Dead.
  • 7 Brian Wilson Says SMiLE A.K.A. Beard of Defiance
  • 8 Syke! Life Is Awesome!