Will You Be There Lyrics - Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men Twenty cover art
writers: Bowen Andrade, Paul A. Henton, Brady Robinson, Kevor Williams, Andrew Ayre, Garth Forester
release date: 2011-10-12
genres: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
styles: RnB/Swing/Soul
length: 4:14
I have be looking for someone to be there when the water rise
Not just when the skies are clear but when the tears form in my eyes
Sometimes is rough but strange enough you stay through all the pain
I know you're somewhere out there, can you by my umbrella in the rain?

Will you be there
When the storm clouds roll in
Will you be there
When the nights get colder
Will you be there
To be the one I am holding
I need you, where are you
Will you be there
When the winds are blowing
Will you be there
You feel the changes coming
Will you be there
Just tell me so
What I want to know is can you step away

Life can be so suffocating and makes it hard to breath
Love is over rated for the ones who don’t believe
But I know somewhere out there what I want will surely find me
Like the eye of a hurricane will you be the piece that I need
When I find you I ain’t going nowhere
When the weather is ragin' hope you'll be there
When you are in my life I won’t be ashamed
So be my umbrella in my life?


When the sunrise kisses the sky
And the clouds clear girl I know you're gonna be here with me
Through adversity if this feeling stays the same
Only then I know that you can stand our rain


When the walls fall crashing
Could your love everlasting
I've been looking for someone
Is it you, is it you girl?
Is it you, hope it's you girl?
Is it you, is it you girl?
Is it you, hope it's you girl?

What I want to know is can you stand the rain?

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