Brand New Sin - Shattered Lyrics

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Days blend
Nights bend
The twisted thoughts of you run through my head
Passion waits
Compassion breaks
All of this you held so dear

So get in line
Step right up
Now's your time
Sit right back
Feel at home
Will you stay a while?

(Verse 2)
Reality sinks
Makes you think
All these feelings you know too well
Patience lied
Inside you cried
Now you're caught between heaven and hell


It rages on day after day
And haunts you so to speak
With your head in your hands
You question why
The answers are buried deep
Beneath the lies
With shattered faith
Brings saddened eyes

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Broken Soul
  • 3 My World
  • 4 Desperate Times Desperate Means
  • 5 Sad Wings
  • 6 The Oath
  • 7 Missin' You
  • 8 S.P.P.
  • 9 Did You?
  • 10 Judgement Day
  • 11 Changes
  • 12 Shattered