Who Sang Motel Room? Brazzaville

release date:
genres: Rock
styles: Acoustic/Indie Rock
length: 4:57
Night is here in my veins
I’m losing again
And not much remains

Lay down next to me
I’ll tell you a bit
Of who I used to be

I was a handsome
Golden boy you see
Full of summer
Morning poetry

A soft winter’s day
A room full of dope
And cheap lingerie

I love you my friend
And though we just met
You’re at least as lost
As me
So let’s close the drapes
And lose the new day
And see how dark
We can be

CD 1
  • 1 Motel Room
  • 2 Samurai
  • 3 Queenie
  • 4 1980
  • 5 Rainy Night
  • 6 Genoa
  • 7 Trona
  • 8 Xanax and Three Hours of TV
  • 9 High Life
  • 10 N. Koreatown
  • 11 Late Night Lullaby