Bright Eyes - Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra Lyrics

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i had a beautiful, beautiful time
the drives and the talks were amazing
the kind of friend i though i'd never find
i had a beautiful, beautiful time
you have a beautiful, beautiful smile
the way it cuts and collapses on your lips
and when you touch me i shake like a child
it's late i'm afraid you might leave
because sometimes it seems like you still don't believe me
and there's nothing i can do to concentrate
it's so distracting always thinking of you
so i expose and explain and i meant everything that i said
it's moments like this that repeat and replay in my head
when i'm laying in bed
it's a beautiful, beautiful time
as you laugh and roll onto your stomach
the carpet embraces your design
my heart pounds as i lay by your side
because sometimes i find that i am unable to hide all these
feelings that flow
in this basement and in this dim light
you look so beautiful
i'm unsure and unclear with the words that i say
i'm happy when you are near and i wish that forever could stay
just like today
you have beautiful, beautiful eyes
so bright and alive and enchanting
i want to be with you all of the time
it's hopeless but i have to try anyway

Track Listing
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  • 4 Falling Out of Love at This Volume
  • 5 Exaltation on a Cool Kitchen Floor
  • 6 The Awful Sweetness of Escaping Sweat
  • 7 Puella Quam Amo Est Pulchra
  • 8 Driving Fast Through a Big City at Night
  • 9 How Many Lights Do You See?
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