Who Sang Shoot All the Clowns? Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson Balls to Picasso cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Bruce Dickinson, Roger J. Ramirez
release date: 1994-6-6
genres: Rock
styles: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 4:25
producer: Shay Baby
lead vocals: Bruce Dickinson
vocal: Dean Ortega
mixer: Shay Baby
recording engineer: Andrew Paul Baker, Shaun De Feo and Bjorn Thorsrud
guitar: Roy Z
additional engineer: Spencer May
percussion: Mario Aguilar and Doug Van Booven
drums (drum set): David Ingraham
bass guitar: Edward Casillas
composer: Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
lyricist: Bruce Dickinson, Roy Z
I've been down
At the crazy house
I've been playing
With the cat and the mouse
I've been down
I've been down
I've seen the crazy people
Running around

Shoot all the clowns
Shoot 'em down
Shoot 'em down
Shoot 'em down

Welcome to the circus
Where I fool around
I got the killer smile
I'm a killer clown
Cover up your face
You've been found out
You laugh when
There's nothing to smile about

Shoot shoot
Shoot all the clowns

Want to gimme money
Well you better get ready
I'm a certified friend
Of John Paul Getty
I'm a fat stargazer
I'm an all night raver
I'm an anything you wannabe
If I can get your sympathy
Welcome to the circus
I'm a killer clown
Welcome to the circus
Hey gather round
Two sides to life
Two sides to fun
The one who does it
And the one who gets done

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