Who Sang Broken Wings? Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams 11 cover art
release date: 2008-3-14
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Pop Rock/Soft Rock
length: 3:37
composer: Bryan Adams
lyricist: Bryan Adams
writer: Eliot Kennedy
You always say the things I can believe in,
Always say the things I wanna hear,
I believe them all, the stories short and tall,
I believe you, yeah I believe you.

You give me love,
When love is all I need to live,
You gave your word, when words were just superlative,
When I was blind, you came and opened up my eyes,
Now I feel I can believe in anything,
You taught me how to fly on broken wings.

Always do the things I can depend on,
Always there, every night and day,
Every time I've fallen down, you've always been around,
To lift me up again,
To set me straight again.


Sometimes I find myself on my own,
And can't find the road that leads me back home,
But you made me believe I can do anything,
Even fly on broken wings.


Taught me how to fly, yeah,
On broken wings.

CD 1
  • 1 Tonight We Have Stars
  • 2 I Thought I'd Seen Everything
  • 3 I Ain't Losin' the Fight
  • 4 Oxygen
  • 5 We Found What We Were Looking For
  • 6 Broken Wings
  • 7 Somethin' to Believe In
  • 8 Mysterious Ways
  • 9 She's Got a Way
  • 10 Flowers Grown Wild
  • 11 Walk on By