Buck 65 - '65 Buick Lyrics

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I say, now look at here don't this beat all
Buck 65 large and Im six feet tall.
Now the day I was born, I straight dove from the ocean.
and came back with some fish like a true nova Scotian.
Im gettin better lookin every day at a constant rate
I write with my right hand and stick my tongue out when I concentrate.
I grew up always hearin Come and Get it and Im Home Honey
I remember the first record I bought with my own money.
It was The Message by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five on
Sugarhill Records, man Im serious.
We didnt have a lot to choose from really,
So we would go down to roller skatin rink called Willy's.
Back in the 70's when pant legs were wider than,
Today I was into Kiss and besides that Spiderman.
Little snot nose, rubber boot wearin punk dude,
Runnin around by himself eatin junk food.
Now Ive been to a few places, Ive seen some new faces,
To straighten my teeth my mom chose to use braces.
At a young age I learned how to face my fears
And I bet you never knew that I played the tuba for five years.
Rippin around on a BMX bicycle,
I ruined my knee playin basketball in high school.
Workin on my baseball skills in the backyard,
Never really left much time for me learn to act hard.

(Verse 2)
I grew up in the country, but now I live in the city,
In a room full of records with my pussy cat named titty.
Sometimes I think I should be paid in the ten millions,
To be in the big leagues and be the next Ted Williams.
But oh well whatever I got no regrets or apologies,
I got a lot of love now and a degree in biology.
Yea the Bachelor of Science
Big time film enthusiast, on my nights off I like to watch movies usually
I come and go when I please and leave my shoes on,
The first break I ever found was my Alphonse Mouzon,
Called New York City, I like all kinds of music
The new to the old, electronic and acoustic.
My all time favorite song has a dandy chorus
and its called the Youth of Today by Horizandia(?) heard it
I also like this one song by Yes called Sweetness,
Some say I am an elitist and I only ever wear Adidas.
But I listen to Black Sabbath, Tom Waites, Miles Davis,
Legendary horn blower, a asshole his styles famous.
Now Im the hot shot, hip hop, slow jammer,
Shit talkin, well dressed, radio programmer.
Aint half steppin or acceptin any settlements,
If gentlemen prefer blondes then I guess Im not a gentlemen.
So let me pull this (?) quote off the shelf,
and it goes "Respect is something you earn by being yourself."

Track Listing
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  • 6 Make-Out Song
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  • 8 '65 Buick
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