Who Sang Mirror, Mirror on the Wall? Buck Owens

Buck Owens You’re for Me cover art
release date: 1962
length: 2:12
But I don't have to see I know it's gotta be me

Every time the wind blows at my window I rush to see if it's you at my door
And the sadness fill the rooms when you're not standin' there
And I wish that I could walk right through the floor
Mirror mirror on the wall...
[ steel ]
Every night in dreams you torment me as I remember things I should forget
And the sun comes up by and a new day's dawnin'
But nothing's changed for I still love you yet
Mirror mirror on the wall...

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 You’re for Me
  • 2 Fool Me Again
  • 3 Down on the Corner of Love
  • 4 Mexican Polka
  • 5 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  • 6 Bad Bad Dream
  • 7 Under the Influence of Love
  • 8 Nobody’s Fool but Yours
  • 9 House Down the Block
  • 10 Country Polka
  • 11 Down to the River
  • 12 Blues for Life
  • 13 Under the Influence of Love (mono single mix)
  • 14 You’re for Me (mono single mix)