One of Everything You Got Lyrics - Buck Owens

publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Bob Morris, Buck Owens
release date: 1968
length: 2:24
My little boy is a barrel of fun there's nothin' in the world that he ain'are done
He wrote ol' Santa Claus a letter today a makin' sure that it comes his way
I mind my mama and my daddy too I've done everything that they ought to do
Just so there won't be a mistake for here's the list of everythin' I'll take
I want some of this and some of that some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat
A choochoo train and a baseball bat a puppy dog and a baby cat
Bring me a transistor radio a sting ray bike that'll really go
A police car with a light on the top bring me one of everything you got
[ dobro ]
Santa Claus I promise you I won't do things that'll oughtn't to
Well I'm a gotta quit and actin' like a kid I'm six years old and it's time I did
Last night after he went to bed well I listened then and here's what he said
God bless mama and daddy and me and God bless Santa on Christmas Eve
I want some of this...
I don't want to put you in a spot so bring me one of everything you got

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