Who Sang In Your Mind? Built to Spill

Built to Spill Ancient Melodies of the Future cover art
writers: Boudleaux Bryant
release date: 2001-7-10
genres: Rock
styles: Indie Rock
length: 3:47
cymbal: Brett Netson
the symptoms of our getting older

the problems that safety? dont mind

most of us never get over

memories mingled with lies

incidents gave a confession

that noones allowed to forget

i dont want to give the impression

that predestination is set

and distance will increase the danger

with certainties never enjoyed

the garden is equal yet stranger

ignored then embraced then destroyed

observing the process will change it

afterwords even if you

subcounscioussly rearrange it

it doesnt seem any less true

the remnants of fog disappearing

and even transecnding concern

disturbing but somehow endearing

conditioned to never unlearn

and noone can tell me to listen

and noone can tlel me whats right

cuz nobody has my permission

and noone can see in your mind

in your mind in your mind in your mind

the magnifications explore

there slowly emerges a pattern

and details you normally ignore

you notice really what matters

it isnt a time or a place

only an ebb and a flowing

a currently weakening space

occuring, connecting, and growing

and noone

and nooone

cuz nobody

and noone can see in your mind

in your mind in your mind in your mind

CD 1
  • 1 Strange
  • 2 The Host
  • 3 In Your Mind
  • 4 Alarmed
  • 5 Trimmed and Burning
  • 6 Happiness
  • 7 Don’t Try
  • 8 You Are
  • 9 Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
  • 10 The Weather