Who Sang Chuckwick? Bushwick Bill

publisher: ©EMI Music Publishing
writers: Joel Lamonte Hailey, Michael Bell, Richard Cedric Hailey
release date: 1992
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta
length: 4:57
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And now with the following collection of ghoulish sounds
You can make your own sound terrifying and terrible Uh-huh-ha-ha! {*laughing*

[Child's Play two sample]
Surprise! Heh-ha-heh-ha-ha-ha Did ya miss me? I sure missed you!
I told ya we're gonna be friends to the end and now it's time to play
I got a new game sport it's called hide the and guess what you're it!

[Verse One]
I told you size ain't shit you better duck quick
It's the replay of chucky part two call it chuckwick
Some niggaz stay hard some niggaz get sorrier
Insane as the war for the little 5th Ward warrior
Tonight's your dead date your dying a slow rate
Let's hope the chainsaw's inside of chuck for your heart's ache
Give me a knife I'm cutting bodies to pieces
Remember what happened to your mother fucking nieces
Niggaz think I'm a ho but I'm letting them know
Every head I cut off half of that goes to Cujo
I cut a throat with a God damn stick
All bodies found dead fuck it blame it on Chuckwick

[Child's Play two sample]
It's Chuckwick Yaahh!
It's Chuckwick I told you he'd find me
He tried to take over my

[Verse Two]
The world's smallest killer I can't wait 'til they bury me
Every arm I chop off I give the fingers to charity
I saw a dead body just about my size
Razor blade to his face now I can see out both eyes
It's time for breakfast but I don't want eggs
Just jelly and toast and bacon and legs
If you try to diss that's fine with me
Hug this is that fine with you G?
Chuckwick Bill is from another dimension
Unsatisfied nigga with barbaric intention
Sometimes I'm invisible, sometimes I'm seen
Sometimes I'm a pitchfork, sometimes I'm guillotine
Extra ketchup on them French fried knees
No tomato on that chopper with cheese
I'm getting thirsty now what I'm a try
Gulp, gulp, mmmmmm blood dry!
You think I'm crazy you think I'm insane
Just because I wasn't born I was found on a fuckin' train
You wanna rumble well get up shit
If you buck you get fucked by that nigga named Chuckwick
Aw shit my nigga Ganksta Nip in the motherfuckin house
Yo Nip say something to all the people out there

[Ganksta Nip]
Yo this is Ganksta Nip
A South Park psycho takin no shit
And get your motherfuckin wig split

[Bushwick Bill]
Yeaahh! Chuckwick Bill ain't a sucka
Part one tripped y'all out part two is a motherfucker
Gimme some bob and I'll start by killing me
I'm dead so pass the bob G
And after that pass the body
Chuckwick Bill don't have the 5th ward John Gotti
You make me mad you're taking a fall
Tell your kids about my god damn Chuckwick Doll
Turn down and murder them hard
[Nip] What's the name of your hood?
[Bushwick Bil] 5th motherfucking ward!
The home of the villians constant killin
Get fired at your job start a new job car stealin
The word Chuckwick Capitalizes each letter
And we look as though we're two we took home room together
You might think that I'm throwed
A major malfunction made my brain explode
Which means I'm ready slaughter
Syphilis and gonorrhea mixed up in your drinking water
Before I go I have this to say Hi!
My name is Chuckwick part three's on it's way

[Child's play two sample]
Snap out of it, you're acting like you've never seen a dead body before
This is it world, from now on, no Mr. Good guy
Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! {*laughing continues*

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Little Big Man
  • 3 Stop Lying
  • 4 Call Me Crazy
  • 5 Chuckwick
  • 6 Don't Come to Big
  • 7 Ever So Clear
  • 8 Copper to Cash
  • 9 Dollars and Sense
  • 10 Letter From KKK
  • 11 Take Em' Off
  • 12 Skitso