Busta Rhymes - As I Come Back Lyrics

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Here we come yo, here we go (It's goin' on now) [Repeat: x2]

Busta Rhymes *****, here we go
Flipmode *****, here we go
Neptunes *****, here we go
Once again my *****s, here we go

Come on, guess who's back in town,
*****es get on the dance floor and pull ya **** on down!
From miles around,
I been ****in' *****es up and flip a brand new sound!
The most hot **** all around
So hot it make a ***** want to give me a pound!
Huh, fall on the ground, (come on)
Roll up a backwood and stay steamin the brown!

The way we comin' to town,
See we controllin' the fort now, ***** give me the crown!
Talk that **** to me girl, what you say, arrah!
Strip for me, I got the camcorder shorty make her flip for me!
And how ya *** get split for mearrah!
See how we makin' you black
And from the party and we keep the D.J bringin' it back
I'm sayin'

[Chorus: x2]
Uh, uh, uh along with the track man, uh
Part of me, uh, as I come back
Uh, uh, uh along with the track man, uh
Part of me, uh, as I come back, *****

What we gon' do in two-thousand two,
Even though we havin' fun in two-thousand one!
Stay strapped, grippin' my gun
Up in the truck, packed with *****es stackin' my one!
And while we lyin' in fun,
All of my *****es show me ya *** and rep where you from!
Come on, cuttin' it down
Such a way we make police come and shuttin' it down

I hope you see how we takin' it there
And while we at it, ************s throw ya hands in the air!
Valet parkin' the car
While we up in the club buyin' every drink in the bar!
We givin' you this ****, come on
We showin' *****s how we always flip the script, come on!
Back off, get out of my face,
And every time we come through *****, give me my space
I'm sayin'

[Chorus: x2]

For my dogs we be keepin' it raw
But *****es be gasin' a *****, please give me some more!
They way you be shakin' ya **** to the floor! Damn!
I'ma give it to you mami for sure
And if you couldn't take it what is you ****in' me for!
Ya *****s know how to act
And when we arrive *****s know we come to pushin' **** back
I'm sayin'

[Chorus: x2]

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