Busta Rhymes - Bladow!! Lyrics

Busta Rhymes Anarchy cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Busta Rhymes, Scott Storch
release date: 2000-6-20
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genres: Hip Hop
length: 3:41
Now (now)
Ready for wylin' my *****s
Let's set it like we on an island my *****s
I'm with it (What what what what)
My clique startle *****es
With a remarkable sparkle
For my *****es with me (What what what what)
You know we stay dumb
And keep shop running
Just the like the 24-hour deli
The way y'all *****s be popping that **** you be talking
y'all *****s don't mean nothing
But a 24-hour celly
To talk that funny ****
To someone you know
While I bag these *****es
And take them to 24-hour telly
Type of chickens to let me get in they belly
Little sexy thug *****es
Who want me to **** them to Makeveli
Then get with my *****s and smoke up a ounce
Crowd up in whatever amounts
Making *****es skip to my bounce
So whenever we be shining like diamond
Fresher than the fragrance of limon
When we strike
It's all in the timing
Corporate *****s ball on how we be stylin'
****ing with huge contracts
With white beaters on
On the day of the signing
Making all my *****es check for this ****
My live *****s know the truth
That's why they always got respect for this ****

Bust one for me, Bladow!
All my *****s holding they gun with me, Bladow!
And resting and stacking they ones with me, Bladow!
My peeps who hang around where I'm from with me, Bladow!
Who run with me, Bladow!
Bust one for me, Bladow!
My *****es that'll **** till they cum with me, Bladow!
Wylin' at me, having they fun with me, Bladow!
In this club all they keep beating they drums with me, Bladow!
In a slung with me, Bladow!
Bust one for me, Bladow!

And now we mash y'all
Harass y'all
Until the **** we doing pass y'all
You know we steadily, readily
Give it to *****s
And blow up the spot for *****s
Before we do the dash y'all
Ain't nothing wrong until we perform
y'all *****s know we bout to blast y'all
Me and my *****s crash the party
If my *****s were shitters
Splash *****es before we flash y'all
Now what's up
All of my *****s salute
Where we get busy
Gimme me my loot
All way up in a box with a suit
**** that I tell you will all be the truth
Stay on a live ***** recruit
And take y'all *****s back to the root
Tying my laces all up in my boot
All the *****es say that I'm cute
Blowing on it just like a flute
And now
Before we blind y'all
We shine and remind y'all
Should be gappy
Always one of a kind y'all
We constructing a new design y'all
Better keep up my *****s
Because you will get left behind y'all
Let us bust a bottle of wine now
And celebrate in the name of them *****s
That control the times now
Now watch it
As we just pick up the pace
You just might a hole in your face
My crew might take a whole of the space
Obligated just to keeping you dumming
And get the breaking all the **** up in club
Once you know that we coming
My *****es check for this ****
My live *****s know the truth
That's why they always got respect for this ****


To all my *****s and all my *****es
That just want to live
Live good
Feel good
Just bounce to this ****
Come on
Bounce to this ****
All my *****s and my *****es
Just bounce to this ****
Come on
Bounce to this ****
Flipmode constantly
Enough of that

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro: The Current State of Anarchy
  • 2 Salute da Gods!!
  • 3 Enjoy da Ride
  • 4 We Put It Down for Y’all
  • 5 Bladow!!
  • 6 Street Shit
  • 7 Live It Up
  • 8 Fire
  • 9 All Night
  • 10 Show Me What You Got
  • 11 Get Out!!
  • 12 The Heist
  • 13 A Trip Out of Town
  • 14 How Much We Grew
  • 15 Here We Go Again
  • 16 We Comin’ Through
  • 17 C’mon All My Niggaz
  • 18 Make Noise
  • 19 Ready for War
  • 20 Why We Die
  • 21 Anarchy
  • 22 Outro

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    label: Elektra
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 075596251723
    script: Latin