By the Tree - When I Found You 歌詞

Some days I think and
Wonder how it all began
The first time I came to understand
Your love was real to me
More real than anything

When I found You
That’s when I found You for the very first time
Your glory all around
When I found You
You came into my life and made everyday
Brand new, when I found You

I long to explore the mystery
of leaving it all behind
And find You beyond this crowded life
I know there’s got to be more
Won’t You bring that day back again


Well it’s got to be
Awakened in me
And I need to see reality
Come make a way,
Awaken that day in me

Chorus (X2)

CD 1
  • 1 Satellite
  • 2 Salvation Song
  • 3 Into Your Arms
  • 4 These Days
  • 5 Your Presence
  • 6 Alright
  • 7 (Jesus Is My) Everything
  • 8 Mystery
  • 9 Change
  • 10 Remain
  • 11 When I Found You