C21 - Don't Break It Lyrics

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The lifeline is your source

Would you believe it if I told you ´bout something
Would you lie for the benefit of doubt so you will loose
You won`t feel attractive
You won`t feel accepted
Why – waste it on a sick try

When the tough keeps coming at you, don’t fall
The only thing I really want is just you back in life

Your life doesn´t spin around – I can see it now
Your eyes won´t get me down – I want you back in life

Would you know if you been living on a lie
Or would you keep walking on a thin line

Don’t break it, don’t break a lifeline
You`ll find your reasons
But you´re right next to me
Don’t break it, don’t break a good sign
If you go crazy in a mixed up world
I´ll let you off easy
But breaking it will be a sin

I would die if I didn´t see sunlight
Why would you be the one blocking my sight – I´m on your side
You will find me attractive
You will be accepted now
It`s you back in life