Carpenters - Nowhere Man 歌詞

Now when it rains I don't feel cold
Now that I have your hand to hold
The winds might blow through me
But I don't care
There's no harm in thunder if you are there and

Now when we touch my feelings fly
Now when I'm smiling I know why
You light up my world like the morning sun
You're so deep within me we're almost one

And now
All the fears that I had start to fade
I was always afraid love might forget me
Love might let me down
Then look who I found

And now, now
Now when I wake there's someone home
I'll never face the nights alone
You gave me the courage I need to win
To open my heart and to let you in
And I never really knew how until now
No, I never really knew how until now


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    country(area): Japan
    script: Latin