Cassius - The Sound of Violence Lyrics

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Feel like a want to be inside of you
When the sun goes down

Oh my heart
Takin' me back to blue
I've fallen into my own senses

Another night , another day
It's better this way
Let the music play

Oh my heart
Only you can know how I feel
Every day is an ordeal to get by

Ever so
Broken skin
Mercury rising

Oh my heart
There's movement across the tracks
Hoping to played it back , all right
Lucky me lucky you
They're givin' us , a two minute warning

Oh my heart
Changing the way I kill
By changing the way I feel
Step forward

Everybody, around the world understands
What makes a child of man (yes come)


Feel like I want to be you more than I
Get around come around
See you every night hear the crowd the sound of violence
Shake it out

Ready now
Going to let it all out
Ready now
When the sun goes down
We'll be coming out ready or not

Feel like a want to be inside of you
When the sun goes down
As long as I'm gonna be around you

When the sun goes down

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