Who Sang The Feeling Remains? Cast

Cast Magic Hour cover art
publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
release date: 1999-4-21
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Indie Rock/Downtempo
length: 3:54
composer: John Power
lyricist: John Power
Thinking about the words
That you keep telling me
But I just don't seem to care
And I keep wondering what it's worth
The time I'm spending here's
Like driving a car reversed

I walk alone
I will walk alone

But this feeling remains
This feeling remains
The feeling's the same

Fighting for what you feel
Will take you closer to the
Moment that you can steal
A chance to
Slip in through the night
I'm under cover but
I'm walking towards the light

I walk alone
I will walk alone

This feeling remains
The feeling's the same

What fool am I
Who sees but never realise
The limit to the sky
Is in my mind
I'll take a chance
And see what I can find

My friend said that he who rise
Will surely make his way
He who has the words
Will have a say
And he who walks the earth
Must live today


TheFeeling, The feeling Remains
The feeling's the same
The seasons will change
This feeling remains

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