Who Sang Immortality? Céline Dion

Céline Dion Let’s Talk About Love cover art
release date: 1997-11-14
length: 4:12
producer: Walter Afanasieff
mixer: Humberto Gatica
recording engineer: Jeff Balding, John Merchant, David Reitzas, David Gleeson and Humberto Gatica
arranger: Walter Afanasieff
background vocals: Bee Gees
additional background vocals: Alex Brown, Jim Gilstrap, Lynn Davis and Phillip Ingram
additional keyboard: Dan Shea
keyboard: Walter Afanasieff
additional engineer: Humberto Gatica
programming: Dan Shea and Walter Afanasieff
audio engineer: Dan Shea
drum machine programming: Walter Afanasieff
additional programming: Dan Shea and Stuart Brawley
assistant engineer: Tony Gonzalez, Mark Hagen, Greg Thompson, Chris Brooke, Glen Marchese, Ethan Schofer, Tyson Leeper and Stuart Brawley
additional programming drum machine programming: Dan Shea
bass synthesizer: Walter Afanasieff
guitar: Michael Landau
Hammond organ: Walter Afanasieff
writer: Barry Gibb, Robin Gibb, Maurice Gibb
So this is who I am
And this is all I know
And I must choose to live
For all that I can give
The spark that makes the power grow

And I will stand for my dream if I can
Symbol of my faith in who I am
But you are my only
And I must follow on the road, that lies ahead
And I won't let my heart control my head
But you are my only
And we don't say goodbye
We don't say goodbye
And I know what I've got to be

I make my journey through eternity
I keep the memory of you and me

Fulfill your destiny
Is there within the child
My storm will never end
My fate is on the wind
The king of hearts, the joker's wild
We don't say goodbye
We don't say goodbye
I'll make them all remember me

'Cause I have found a dream that must come true
Every ounce of me must see it through
But you are my only
I'm sorry I don't have a role for love to play
Hand over my heart I'll find my way
I will make them give to me

There is a vision and a fire in me
I keep the memory of you and me, inside
And we don't say goodbye
We don't say goodbye

With all my love for you
And what else we may do
We don't say, goodbye

CD 1
  • 1 The Reason
  • 2 Immortality
  • 3 Treat Her Like a Lady
  • 4 Why Oh Why
  • 5 Love Is on the Way
  • 6 Tell Him
  • 7 Amar haciendo el amor
  • 8 When I Need You
  • 9 Miles to Go (Before I Sleep)
  • 10 Us
  • 11 Just a Little Bit of Love
  • 12 My Heart Will Go On (love theme from ‘Titanic’)
  • 13 Where Is the Love
  • 14 Be the Man
  • 15 I Hate You Then I Love You
  • 16 Let’s Talk About Love