Who Sang Right Next to the Right One? Céline Dion

Céline Dion Taking Chances cover art
release date: 2007-11-1
genres: Electronic Rock Pop
styles: Synth-pop/Vocal/Ballad/Pop Rock
length: 4:11
What if we were meant to be together
What if you were meant to be the one
I could hide a million years and try to believe
That any time the boy in mind will come and rescue me

'Cause you're the fire, you're the one
But you'll never see the sun
If you don't know, you're right next to the right one
And I could call it many names
But it's myself I need to blame
If you don't know, you're right next to the right one

In the end you've got a friend for lifetime
Truly there to truly care for you
I know you cry a million tears so I want you to know
That a pretty face can take you places, you don't wanna go


So in the end it all depends on whether you'll find
A warm embraces when I replace the one you had in mind.


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