Who Sang This Time? Céline Dion

Céline Dion Taking Chances cover art
release date: 2007-11-1
genres: Electronic Rock Pop
styles: Synth-pop/Vocal/Ballad/Pop Rock
length: 3:48
One more I would bruise
So scared of his return
That I can't sleep tonight
In this hospital light

What you call a tragedy
Is just another day to me
For my heart beats with fear
As his footsteps draw near

The life I meant to lead
Won't slip away from me.

'Cause this time is the last time
I know that my eyes
Have seen to much
This nightmare is not fair
And I've had enough
You break me 'cause I bleed
You just say you're sorry
You call this love
But this time
Your lies are not enough
This time.

There's nothing left of this
You whispered words and empty threats
We both wait to see
What I thought this would be
The last thread has come undone
To reveal what I've become
Another victim of
A poison love

I've been afraid for years
But that won't keep me here.


What remains a mystery
You can not have the best of me
So I'm taking back all you took from me.


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