Who Sang Gnome Enthusiast? Clutch

Clutch Jam Room cover art
writers: Dan Maines, Jean-Paul Gaster, Neil Fallon, Richard Timothy Sult
release date: 1999
genres: Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Hard Rock/Stoner Rock
length: 3:14
writer: Clutch
Sun eyed dandelion,
Seen you garden gnomes gone pass by?
Small one wear a pointy red hat.
The big one he just that he real fat.

If you see them please tell them without delay,
"You taked my Saffron now you got to pay!"

Sunned dandelion,
You say they got an airtight alibi?
Then how'd they get themselves them diamond rings?
You know well no gnomes don't make.the good money.

If you see them please tell them without delay,
"You taked my Saffron, now you got to pay."

Sun eyed, what now hey hey hey your hair is turning gray.
Is there something that you need to say?
Suspect, you're looking through and through.
I'd take to the wind if I was you.

Good bye Saffron, know that you did good by me.
'Till wicked weeded wild in my garden.

CD 1
  • 1 Who Wants to Rock?
  • 2 Big Fat Pig
  • 3 Going to Market
  • 4 One Eye Dollar
  • 5 Raised by Horses
  • 6 "Bertha's Big Back Yard"
  • 7 Gnome Enthusiast
  • 8 Swamp Boot Upside Down
  • 9 Basket of Eggs
  • 10 Release the Kraken
  • 11 Super Duper
  • 12 Release the Dub