Colby O’Donis - The Difference Lyrics

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Hmm, oh
Oh, oh, whoa, whoa

Behind every good man
There's a woman
She never lets me down
Makes me feel so
When she's loving me
Man it's like
Whoa, whoa, whoa
She's my ride or die
Twenty-four, seven
Three, sixty-five
So no matter what is
Facing me
She finds a way to give me strength
For her I'll wait
A life
But I can't go tonight
Without hearing the voice of an angel

The difference is
She makes the world a little better
The difference is
She makes it hurt a little less
The difference is
She can take away the pressure
The closest thing to heaven
Ooh, that's the difference
Now find one right now
You'll walk a little better
You'll talk a little better
You'll eat a little better
You'll dress a little better
She's the closest thing to heaven
Ooh, that's the difference
Hey, she makes the difference

She lets the weight
Right off of my shoulders
And with this girl
I could picture growing
And if you got
One like mine
Better pull her
Don't play the cool guy
You'll lose ya chance
To show her
She promises the
Best for me
A hundred percent
She expects from me
That's why I'm
For life
To see her
Every night
And feel the touch
The touch of an angel


Now can any real say
If ya see a girl like mine
Don't push her away
Cause a girl like that
Don't come around everyday
Yes, I said that's the difference


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