Who Sang Born to Sing the Blues? Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty Country Boy cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
release date: 2003
length: 2:19
Born to sing the blues
So tired an' worn, just singin' the blues
Alone right from the start,
I walked alone with blues in my heart.

True love, (true love) I've never known (I've never known.)
Everything (everything) I do is wrong. (all wrong.)
But wrong, I've always been
It's hard to go on when I never win.

My life, (my life) my destiny, (my destiny.)
Is loneliness (loneliness) and misery. (misery.)
My life, I didn't choose.
I guess, I was born to sing the blues.

The lonesome blues,
The weary blues

CD 1
  • 1 Big Town
  • 2 Blue Is the Way I Feel
  • 3 Born to Sing the Blues
  • 4 Crazy Dreams
  • 5 Ever Since You Went Away
  • 6 Have I Been Away Too Long?
  • 7 I Need Your Lovin' Kiss
  • 8 Let Me Be the Judge
  • 9 Sitting in a Dim Cafe
  • 10 The Road That I Walk
  • 11 Treat Me Mean, Treat Me Cruel
  • 12 Turn the Other Cheek
  • 13 Where I Stand
  • 14 You Made Me What I Am
  • 15 Give Me Some Lovin'
  • 16 Just in Time
  • 17 Rockhouse