Miami Lyrics - Counting Crows

Counting Crows Hard Candy cover art
publisher: ©IMAGEM U.S. LLC
writers: Adam Fredric Duritz, Ben G Mize, Charles Thomas Gillingham, Daniel John Vickrey, David A Immergluck, David Lynn Bryson, Matthew Mark Malley
release date: 2002-7-9
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Alternative Rock/Pop Rock
length: 5:02
conductor: Jerry Hey
violin: Mario DeLeon, Liane Mautner, Josefina Vergara, Alan Grunfeld, Katia Popov, Ralph Morrison, Karen Jones, Jacqueline Brand, Natalie Leggett, Sara Parkins, Robin Olson and Ken Yorke
bass: Richard Feves and Ed Meares
viola: Carole Castillo, John Scanlon, Karen Elaine–Bakunin and Brian Dembow
cello: Tina Soule, Steve Erdody, Cecilia Tsan and Paula Hochhalter
strings arranger: Adam Duritz and Charlie Gillingham
strings arranger & horn arranger: Charlie Gillingham and Adam Duritz
composer: Charlie Gillingham, David Immerglück, Adam Duritz
lyricist: Adam Duritz
I guess I think I feel alright
You come circling through the light
The skyline is bright tonight
What more perfect rendezvous?
The sundown paints the shadows through
The daylight, Amy, on what we do

It looks like darkness to me
Drifting down into Miami

Can I say,
"I wish that this weather would never leave"?
It just gets hard to believe
That god sent this angel to watch over me
Cause my angel
She don't receive my calls
Says I'm to dumb to,
To dumb to fight
To dumb to save
Well, maybe I don't need no angel at all

It looks like darkness to me
Drifting down into Miami
She could pull the sunlight through me
Coming down into Miami

Make a circle in the sand
Make a halo with your hands
I'll make a place for you to land

The bus is running
It's time to leave
The summer's gone
And so are we
So come on baby,
Let's go shut it down in New Orleans.

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