Who Sang All My Bitches? Da Brat

Da Brat Unrestricted cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Shawntae Harris, Jermaine Dupri, Bryan Michael Paul Cox
release date: 2000-4-11
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap
length: 3:57
Where my *****es at?
Where is all my *****es at?
This ************ right here,
This for all ya'll ************s
You a *****, you a *****, i'm a *****,
We all *****es,
In this **********ing game
Just be a bad *****,
When you be a *****

[Verse 1]
I wakes up from dreaming of money,
To thinking of money
On a daily basis,
Make sure the money
Make the way to the safe
Put your bet's on the "be " to the "ra"
From the west side of chi' "t",
******s want to ride with me
Cause i'm the live-est,
Get high with me
Cause i'm fly
Obsessed with me
Cause i'm shy
No matter which whip i pick,
And butt-kick your little buckets
And leave your face with a disgusted look
As you bite the dust
I get them big things
This is hard ****, head bob,
Breakin your neck,
Raw ****
My *****es keep hollin'
Call us
And it don't quit
Till the earth split
This *****
A baller wit' it
In a black jag,
It's a fact that,
Brat the first solo
To go platt,
And if it sound like i'm braggin,'
I am, cause i'm proud of myself,
Pat a ***** on the back,
Damn...straight to the bank i go
Created a game plan
That ya'll follow
Switch four in the diablo
Vacationin' morocco
Keep chasin' the papers faithfully
And cause i get it
*****s permanently hatin' me
I'm talkin' to...

All my *****es
That live the hood life,
Good life,
My *****es
That don't need
A ****** for ****
*****es wit a
Game plan,
Name brand,
I dedicates this one to you
I'm talkin' too...
All my *****es
That live the hood life,
Good life,
My *****es
That don't need
A ****** for ****,
*****s gotta holla at
"where them dollars at"
I dedicates this one to you...

[Verse 2]
From the start i was in a hurry to crawl,
And walk slap *****s before i could hardly talk.
Now i gottem'on they knees screamin'
That's what the **** i thought
No matter how i part the braids
Hear ya'll chatter when i rock it straight.
I'ma bad ***** even when the style flipped
I get paid cause dough come fast in large amounts
Too much for one ****** to count
You must not know how a so so def hoe bounce
To bust open another *****s accounts and be out
To the tellee or the atm in a 750 gray bm
Made a ************ pay for the rims
I ****ed his friend but it's all good
He understood the way i live my life, my life
That i can't depend on nobody
For me to survive and stay high.
Where all my *****es at? Girls
Make 'em love to hate us
And whether you classy to **** suckin'
Or a trashy ***** get your papers
I gotta eat throw these bows
Silently creep on these hoes
That's robbin' my flows you impostors to me
Prophets is all i see i ain't got time for beef,
So i rhyme for cheese financially stable,
Tryin' to make g's and i'm talkin' to

[Verse 3]
And since i cover the mortgage,
The car note, the porsche, and the condo
We still smokin'
Dollar signs are all i see excuse me,
I got to cut the line leave you *****s behind
For the third time and shine on purpose
Blind'em every time i surface
If an aries hurt you you must deserve it
Every bit of a dime is worth it,
Keep on swerving not perfect
But striving for that working with diamonds,
And flirting with the finest cats,
Desert the broke *****s that still live
With their momma's at
Provoke most to want to wine a dine brat,
Cause i'm dope from coast to coast
Guarantee to fall in love with me
After just one toast,
Smoke weed that'll make you say,
I ain't never getting' high again
*****s always want to see what i'm riding in
So i slide in the benz outfit match
From head to tims
Rims you ain't seen before fein for doe,
Screamin' cream for mo and mo,
Reap the benefits if it's free ****,
I take gifts in all shapes and sizes
And diamonds is my favorite wish,
Picture me rich a genious,
When it comes to me collecting these chips,
And this to...


  • 1 Intro
  • 2 We Ready
  • 3 What'Chu Like
  • 4 At the Club (interlude)
  • 5 Fuck You
  • 6 Back Up
  • 7 Hands in the Air
  • 8 Runnin Out of Time
  • 9 That's What I'm Looking For
  • 10 Breeve on Em
  • 11 What's on Ya Mind
  • 12 Leave Me Alone (interlude)
  • 13 High Come Down
  • 14 All My Bitches
  • 15 Pink Lemonade
  • 16 A Word From Da Bishop Don Magic Juan (interlude)
  • 17 Chi Town

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    label: So So Def
    country(area): United States
    format: HDCD
    barcode: 074646977224
    script: Latin