Dag Nasty - Another Wrong 歌詞

No matter what I do
Or how I try
I can't redeem myself
Strip clean - pick up the pieces
Start over again
Who made the rules
Who decides
when I've made up
paid up
Ten months this time
twelve before
Few others could take much more
Do it right
How can I
When I'm not even given the chance
To correct the mistakes I've already made?
It's so hard to live up to standards
When you don't even know what they are
How can you expect me to change?

CD 1
  • 1 Under Your Influence
  • 2 I've Heard
  • 3 Justification
  • 4 Circles
  • 5 Can I Say
  • 6 Thin Line (Ragu)
  • 7 Never Go Back
  • 8 Another Wrong
  • 9 One to Two