Dan Reed Network - Thy Will Be Done Lyrics

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I want to talk about the leaders of our planet here
They have twe eyes, two arms, two legs, just like you and me
Yet they're acting like high priests
I gues they're sharpening their teeth
Gettin' ready for the bige ole' money feast
Tension is high knowledge is low
God gave them the right to tell us how to fight Fuck no
There's things to be learned here It's time to burn fear
No one man is supposed to control another man
That message is clear
I'm not black and I don't pretend to be, but I understand your
Fight for unconditional equality as for me
I'm tired of the lies an th the answeres I've been findin'
God I hope you she'd some light soon, it surely shall be blindin'
To daydream properly takes unmeasurable amounts of imaginary
Skill and if you hae too vivid of an imagination,
Why it can even get you killed believe it

Information, Education to our kingdom it comes
Aggression, Suppression Thy will be done
Information, Education to our kingdome it comes
Aggression, Suppression Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heavan

How 'bout the case of M.L.K. whose "I have a dream" M.L King
Got stepped on that day Story of Malcolm X
I'm not sure we got HIS story in our text
Jeses and JFK, all these people lookin' for a better way
Leonard Peltier, wanted his people to fly, got his wengs clipped
I wanna know why

No one man is supposed to control another man
That message is clear it gets clearer every year

We could be makin' love, not dollars and cents
Talkin' bout truth, not hollerin' nonsense
If you look hard you can find the clues
Read between the lines when you watch the news
Someonw is making coin off of our addictions
We want their names, no more fiction
They teach you to fight, but not how to feel
Turn off the tube brother and get real

Would the real son of god please stand up
"...a small country many Americans had never even heard of.." (G. Bush)

Track Listing
CD 1
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  • 2 Blame It on the Moon
  • 3 Mix It Up
  • 4 The Heat
  • 5 Let It Go
  • 6 Love Don't Work That Way
  • 7 Money
  • 8 Chill Out
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  • 10 The Salt of Joy
  • 11 Take My Hand
  • 12 The Lonely Sun
  • 13 Thy Will Be Done
  • 14 Wake Up
  • 15 Long Way to Go

  • Album Information
    label: Mercury Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 042284885522
    script: Latin