Who Sang The Easy Way? Dar Williams

Dar Williams Promised Land cover art
writers: Dar Williams
release date: 2008-9-9
genres: Folk, World, & Country
styles: Folk/Folk Rock/Soft Rock
length: 3:32
I knew a guy
I thought he was my first love
But he had to decide
Between me and the one before
And she stacked it all up
Like a house of cards
Said if he didn't come back
He'd find her flattened on the floor
And though I went and lived in my own hell
Thought that I could die as well
I let him go where he thought he had to go

Cause I never took
Heavy words for granted
And I never took
Undeserved advantage
No I never took
The easy way
So why don't you take it a little easy on me now?

Out on the road
I had so many questions
I thought I would explode
Just for some attention
Like an acolyte
I saw the flames of towering tapers
Almost proselytized by those gleaming piles of paper
Yeah I watched the power huddles
And the coats draped over puddles
And trust me baby, I'm the one you need


Cause we all want to be the ones
Who lie, cheat, and slander
So we hold each other up to a higher standard
But I'll tell you what
I never try to make it hurt
Because when your heart
Just to be whole
The only thing that's hard is you

So here's what I took
I kept the wine and laughter
Until every pack
It just grew up and ever after
Through the peaks and twisty canyons
I made many great companions
Best of all is the one who loves me like you do


Cause I never took
Heavy words for granted
And it's much too late
To even want a shortcut
Yeah I never took
The easy way
So you can take it a little easy now.
Because we know that easy is never easy anyhow.

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