Dark Tranquillity - Endtime Hearts Lyrics

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You burned the ruin
The torched remains
You set the precedent
Of innocence betrayed
With the coming of our ages
Will the chasm clear
To identify the pieces
And gather what is lost

The hours feel so different
Yet everything's the same
The hours feel so different

Now bring it out into the open
Full disclosure now
Bring it out so we can
Start all over again
Take another stab at honesty
Full disclosure now
Get it done so we can
Start all over again

Righting the imbalance
In a difference of hearts
Close to breakage
Soon to fall
Fought the urge
To carry through
Held on to the real
Sacrifice the ego
Sacrifice the I

It changes the perception
And alters disbelief
It changes the perception

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 For Broken Words
  • 2 The Science of Noise
  • 3 Uniformity
  • 4 The Silence in Between
  • 5 Apathetic
  • 6 What Only You Know
  • 7 Endtime Hearts
  • 8 State of Trust
  • 9 Weight of the End
  • 10 None Becoming
    CD 2
  • 1 Immemorial
  • 2 Photon Dreams