Who Sang Fingertips and Mountaintops? Darren Hanlon

release date: 2006-10-7
genres: Rock
styles: Folk Rock/Indie Rock
length: 3:27
On the Town hall stairs
They're sunbaking in pairs
You try not to look suspicious
But there's always someone
Happy to remind you
It snuck up behind you
Everything slowed sown
And then you came undone
And first you hands don't work
They're babies waiting to be born
And then your lips don't work
And someone's leaning on your horn>br>
I came as fast as I could
The street spun under my feet
If it doesn't rain then it's a beautiful fountain
And if you place a finger in front of your face
And close one eye you can block out a mountain
And then your mind takes flight
Like it received a glancing blow
And then your legs don't feel right
You're sprouting roots where once were toes
You wish to burn up the whole night
And wake up in the same clothes

All by itself magically the day begins
And all across the world that costs nothing

Past silent cars single filed up the street
Thought they're all gone now they sure really took a beating
It could make you depressed but maybe it's for the best
That all we ever came to know for real was fleeting
Like fire and wood
A hairless chest
Most electrical goods
And pop starlets
I'll tear the house down board by board
So you might believe it yet

Without our help magically the day begins
And all across that costs nothing

CD 1
  • 1 Hold On
  • 2 The People Who Wave at Trains
  • 3 Happiness Is a Chemical
  • 4 Elbows
  • 5 Manilla NSW
  • 6 Romance Is Deafening
  • 7 The Ostracism of Vinny Lalor
  • 8 Fire Engine
  • 9 Fingertips and Mountaintops
  • 10 Couch Surfing
  • 11 Don't Bogart My Heart
  • 12 Old Dream