Dave Dudley - Eagles Fly Alone Lyrics

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Thank you girl it's been so much fun you know me I gotta get up and run
I never had a nest don't want a home sorry girl eagles fly alone
You've given up to almost change my mind
But I gotta see what's happenin' on down the line
A free flyin' life is all I've known sorry girl eagles fly alone
I don't think about the sunset yesterday the past is gone sunrise is on its way
You're my kind but something's a movin' me on sorry girl eagles fly alone
If you want me to I'll touch down again
I'll tell you what I've done in places I've been
I'll warm your nest once more then I'll be gone sorry girl eagles fly alone

Track Listing
  • 1 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
  • 2 Salvation Arms
  • 3 A Friend Named Wine
  • 4 Mary Lou You Took The Party With You
  • 5 Ain't That A Shame
  • 6 Homer And Cole
  • 7 Give Me Back The Old Familiar Feeling
  • 8 Counterfeit Cowboy
  • 9 Beautiful Love Song
  • 10 My Sunny Overgrown Country Town (Get me back to Tennessee)
  • 11 Rooster Hill
  • 12 Eagles Fly Alone
  • 13 Sugarland USA
  • 14 Let Me Dream
  • 15 The Tavern Telephone
  • 16 If I Could Change Mary's Mind
  • 17 I Was Country Before Barbara Mandrell
  • 18 Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun
  • 19 Mad
  • 20 The Pool Shark

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