Love on the Air Lyrics - David Gilmour

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writers: David Jon Gilmour, Peter Dennis Blandfor Townshend
release date: 1984-3-5
genres: Rock Blues
styles: Alternative Rock/Rock & Roll/Arena Rock
length: 4:20
producer: Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour
membranophone: Jeff Porcaro
piano: Steve Winwood and Ian Kewley
vocal: Sam Brown, David Gilmour, Roy Harper, Vicki Brown and Mickey Féat
orchestra: National Philharmonic Orchestra
mixer: James Guthrie
engineer: Phil Taylor
recording engineer: Kit Woolven, Andy Jackson and Eric A. Tomlinson
arranger: Michael Kamen and Bob Ezrin
organ: Steve Winwood
guitar: David Gilmour
Hammond organ: Ian Kewley
keyboard: Bob Ezrin
percussion: Ray Cooper, Jeff Porcaro and Luis Jardim
programming: Steve Rance
synthesizer: Jon Lord and Anne Dudley
bass guitar: Pino Palladino
assistant mixer: Ollie Fitzjones, Bob Parr and Robert “Ringo” Hrycyna
assistant recording engineer: Mark Frank, Kevin Whyte, Robert “Ringo” Hrycyna and Simon Sullivan
instrument: Simon Clarke, Barbara Snow, Roddy Lorimer, Kick Horns and Tim Sanders
composer: David Gilmour
lyricist: Pete Townshend
Love on the air
I keep transmitting but reception is hazy
I don't get an answer
Keep sending it faster
Always knew it was crazy
To put my love on the air.

No one will hurt me again
No one will cause me to lie
No one will control me by pain
No one will cause me to cry
I was looking for love
In wandering eyes
Like a ship trying to fix on a beacon
I learned how to sigh
On the ribbon and wires
It's a habit that's so hard to weaken

No one will ever manipulate
Make me promise to do or die
No one can make me hesitate
What can I lose if they try
I was looking for love
Like the very first time
Didn't realise love never left me
Contradicted - conspired
I connived and designed
Nothing on earth could arrest me.

Reception is hazy
When you put your love on the air
Always knew it was crazy
To put my love on the air
But I only communicate
When I put my love on the air
You don't have to consummate
Love on the air

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