Who Sang No Need for Alarm? Del the Funky Homosapien

Del The Funky Homosapien No Need for Alarm cover art
publisher: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
writers: Di Fosco Ervin, Monk Higgins
release date: 1993-11-23
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Conscious
length: 3:28
producer: Domino
vocal: Del the Funky Homosapien
mixer: Tim Latham
engineer: Matt Kelley
mastering: Brian Gardner
I wait to see your skull vibrate
when I bury the hatchet, I hope you catch it, I'll attach it
to his focus, when I broke his head in half
Feel the wrath, on my behalf
I drop math, and english, leave you squeamish
Then I squish your wish you're all ****in dreamers (alla y'all)
No time for tiddlywinks - if your ******* is pink
then you are white and I'm not the right man (not for me)
But you can blow pipe, my style is so tight
I be carvin, MC's when I'm starvin (I'm hungry)
You little chunks of punks that I dunks in my coffee
Get off me, I'm not your softie
But you will cough for your breath and phlegm, death to them
And silly broads, I **** 'em and I chuck 'em (why?)
In the river, without a liver
And I donate to science, cause I'm a giver
The mysterious clearly busts brains with my brawn
Ask Sean, Cassidy about how I trash MC's
On the daily, Alex Haley had to write about it
Doubt it but it's true, get a clue (get a clue)
I'm tellin you the truth you'll be toothless
The boots get smoked like they on fire, I desire
Like Salt'N'Pepa, I'll **** a fat heffer (yeah)
like I was Fritz the Cat, and she admits to fat
So I'm movin removin wackness from my stratosphere
If I thought that that was near

[CHORUS: repeat 4X w/ variations]
"You still bet that you can harm me, but you don't alarm me.."

Listen to this
You're just a test tube baby, you can't fade me, but hey G
Your style is lazy, boy you're crazy
Losin it, check out my fusion kit (here it is)
It's welding rhymes and propelling, swelling (rrrahh)
Getting bigger, getting *****z in headlocks
Instead lock your scanners on Bruce Banner
I crush fools plus tunes used by the master
will blast you into Tuesday, when I bruise a
************, who mother suck a ****
and his brother **** a jock, and his sister, got blisters
on her lips that be spreadin, she be-headin (yes she do)
Showin cleavage, with my futuristic styles I leave kids
in a trance, hypnotizin your eyes spin
back in your head like you dead but instead you was buggin
Ugly *****es get the dillz after shows (shows)
Cause I don't be runnin after hoes that be stank
I thank the Lord, for my thought
connected to the microphone, so check the cycle tone
that I be arousin, housin your blouse and your pumps
The mac daddy makes you jump! (yeah)
I pump info, into nymphos, who be bonin
Clonin, Vanessa Del Rio
And yes sir Del see no evil, hear no evil
It's normal, I come formal, to keep 'em warm 'til the morn'

[sample in chorus repeats to fade]

CD 1
  • 1 You’re in Shambles
  • 2 Catch a Bad One
  • 3 Wack M.C.’s
  • 4 No Need for Alarm
  • 5 Boo Boo Heads
  • 6 Treats for the Kiddies
  • 7 Worldwide
  • 8 No More Worries
  • 9 Wrong Place
  • 10 In and Out
  • 11 Don’t Forget
  • 12 Miles to Go
  • 13 Check It Ooout
  • 14 Thank Youse

  • Album Information
    label: Elektra Entertainment
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 075596152921
    script: Latin