Demon Hunter - Not Ready to Die Lyrics

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You've got a lot of nerve and
I've got a lot of fingers to point
While you were busy building knowledge
I was already right
I know a voice like yours is not a weapon at all
And even mine is not a chisel for a thickened skull
So you can chant your anthems to the deaf
And we can sit here and cry until there's nothing left
Or we can take our voices with our hands
Make like knives and make demands

We'll take our voices with our hands
Make like knives, we'll make demands

I'm burning bridges for the last time
I'm breaking habits for the first time
I saw my future today, it said I'm going away
But I still haven't sung the last line
On my way down..

I'm not ready to lay, not ready to fade
I'm not ready to die

And everyday of my life I can feel it getting harder to breathe
With every minute ticking by, I'm getting ready to leave
I know a life like mine is not a reason to fret
But I've been busy making scars that you will never forget
If only thirty three years can save my life
I've had twenty three more to make things right
So when I'm taken to the sky and you're still here
You can clear your mind and dry your tears


When I'm taken home - and you're still here
Just clear your mind - dry your tears
We'll take our voices - with our hands
Make like knives - we'll make demands


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