Who Sang Peel Me a Grape? Diana Krall

Diana Krall Love Scenes cover art
writers: Dave Frishberg
release date: 1997-8-18
genres: Jazz
styles: Smooth Jazz/Contemporary Jazz
length: 5:53
producer: Tommy LiPuma
piano: Diana Krall
lead vocals: Diana Krall
double bass: Christian McBride
mixer: Al Schmitt
recording engineer: Al Schmitt
guitar: Russell Malone
assistant mixer: Koji Egawa
assistant recording engineer: Lawrence Manchester
composer: Dave Frishberg
lyricist: Dave Frishberg
Peel me a grape
Crush me some ice
Skin me a peach
Save the fuzz for my pillow
Start me a smoke
Talk to me nice
You gotta wine me
And dine me
Don't try and train me
Chow mein me
Best way to serve me
Hors d'oeuvre me
I'm getting hungry
Peel me a grape

Pop me a cork
French me a fry
Crack me a nut
Bring a bowl fulla bonbons
Chill me some wine
Keep standing by
Just entertain me
Champagne me
Best way to cheer me
Cashmere me
Best way to smell me
Chanel me
I'm getting hungry
Peel me a grape

Here's how to be an agreeable chap
Love me and leave me in luxury's lap
Hop when I holler
Skip when I snap
When I say `do it'
Jump to it

Send out for Scotch
Call me a cab
Cut me a rose
Make my tea with the petals
Just hang around
Pick up the tab
Never outthink me
Just mink me
Polar bear rug me
Don't bug me
New Thunderbird me
You heard me
I'm getting hungry
Peel me a grape

© 1962 (renewed) Swiftwater Music
Used by permission. All rights reserved.

CD 1
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  • 2 Peel Me a Grape
  • 3 I Don't Know Enough About You
  • 4 I Miss You So
  • 5 They Can't Take That Away From Me
  • 6 Lost Mind
  • 7 I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You
  • 8 You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me
  • 9 Gentle Rain
  • 10 How Deep Is the Ocean (How High Is the Sky)
  • 11 My Love Is
  • 12 Garden in the Rain
  • 13 That Old Feeling