Dilba - Diamonds and Motorcars Lyrics

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It`s a fact, you never get a girl like me
I`m not impressed, you pay me honey but I don`t drink
You think everybody needs a bit of your superfiction,
get off my back, you don`t seem to get it
you can try, but I don`t need no


Diamonds and motorcars
actors and superstars
you`re so hot, baby let`s get married
I`m just kidding!
Diamonds and motorcars
partying in phony bars
baby, why don`t you call up JLo?
I don`t think so

Nananana, nananana

You`re playing bored, and think you`re so convincing
you think you scored, because you got me laughing
but you`re funny in a different way, it`s stuff that I won`t say loud
I don`t mind having you amuse me, until I`m done
had enough of


Reckon your plan would work with me, like Ken and Barbie
Looking great but I can`t stand your perfect image

or I should die
just maybe
Diamonds..ahaha...oh no no, you don`t seem to get it - I don`t need you!


diamonds nanana, nononono, nanana, nonono
nanana I`m just kidding
nanana I`m don`t think so

Track Listing
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  • 2 Maybe
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  • 4 Sold Out
  • 5 Diamonds and Motorcars
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