Dizmas - October Lyrics

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i heard in October
he was back on the outside
starting over

last time i saw him
was graduation
our families together, but never again

ah ah ah if we were together again
ah ah ah i couldn't watch him pretend
ah ah ah the kid digging in the sand
ah ah ah never grew into a man

the world on his shoulder
he left without warning
then just got colder
5 years in florida
killed by the things he couldn't change

i don't know how it feels to fall into the fire loosing everything
it must have felt like hell to choose one last breath o

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Jealousy Hurts
  • 2 Shake It Off
  • 3 Play It Safe
  • 4 If You Love Someone
  • 5 See Daylight
  • 6 Dance
  • 7 This Is a Warning
  • 8 The Voice Is Ghostly
  • 9 Nothing At All
  • 10 October
  • 11 Until You Rescued Me
  • 12 Sun