Who Sang Bobby's Arms? Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Dolly: The Seeker/We Used To cover art
release date: 1975-9
length: 2:41
vocal: Dolly Parton
composer: Dolly Parton
lyricist: Dolly Parton
Bobby's arms always comfort and console me
When I'm in his arms hold tight I know everything's all right
Just as long as I'm inside Bobby's arms
Bobby's arms always welcome me inside Bobby's arms always hold me when I cry
Bobby's arms always shelter from life's storms and I feel so safe in Bobby's arms

Bobby's arms they are strong but they're tender
Bobby's arms reach to me and I surrender
When he reaches out to me I'm never out of reach
And I always want to be in Bobby's arms
Bobby's arms always welcome...
In Bobby's arms

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 We Used To
  • 2 The Love I Used to Call Mine
  • 3 My Heart Started Breaking
  • 4 Most of All Why
  • 5 Bobby’s Arms
  • 6 The Seeker
  • 7 Hold Me
  • 8 Because I Love You
  • 9 Only the Memory Remains
  • 10 I’ll Remember You as Mine