Who Sang Daddy's Working Boots? Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton My Tennessee Mountain Home cover art
release date: 1973-4-21
genres: Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country
length: 2:52
composer: Dolly Parton
lyricist: Dolly Parton
That's the way that daddy showed to us his love
And daddy's two hard working hands they're calloused and they're sore
And daddy's working boots have walked a million miles or more
As long as I remember I remember daddy working
Working on the job or either on the farm
Trying to provide for the family that he loves
And daddy's working boots have taken many steps for us
Daddy's working boots have served us his foundation
Oh just like him they're tired and worn for years they helped him stand
Daddy's working boots have filled their obligation
They've walked that rocky road with a mighty mighty man
[ guitar ]
Dear Lord above I know up there my daddy's got a mansion
And a great reward that long was overdue
And when it comes my daddy's time to be with you in heaven
Won't you let him walk your golden streets in a pair of brand new golden boots
Daddy's working boots...
Daddy's working boots

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