Who Sang It Ain't Fair That It Ain't Right? Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Joshua cover art
release date: 1971-5-1
genres: Folk, World, & Country
styles: Country
length: 2:17
writer: Bob Eggers, Jan Eggers
Copyright 1970

It ain't fair for you to leave me cold and cryin' in the night
It ain't fair to take your body from my arms and out of sight
It ain't fair you've gone and left me where you kissed me I still burn
Are you leaving for my loving this awful hurt and then return
It ain't fair for you to leave me alone to face the morning light
It ain't fair you took my body and then to say that it ain't right
It ain't fair you've made me your woman a no longer a good girl in your eyes
How come before you said you'd love me it ain't fair that it ain't right
It just ain't fair that it ain't right

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