Who Sang John Daniel? Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Halos & Horns cover art
writers: Willie Dixon
release date: 2002-7-9
length: 5:04
composer: Dolly Parton
lyricist: Dolly Parton
Wearing dirty work clothes so everyone presumed
He was just another logger from the logging camp nearby
And he was but there was somethin' different in John Daniel's eyes

John Daniel was a young man not more than twenty-four
And there was an air about him that one could not ignore
And in spite of calloused hands and dirty clothes his face was kind
And I wanted so to know what was in John Daniel's mind

John Daniel tell me where did you come from tell me where is it you've been
John Daniel tell me why are you different from all of these other men
John Daniel there's somethin' about you that I don't quite understand
John Daniel do you hold the answer to a higher plan

I rented him a room he went upstairs like all the rest
It was Saturday and he'd be going in to town I guessed
But he left in a robe and sandals with a Bible in his hand
And I thought to myself John Daniel I don't understand

Now I'd planned to meet some friends of mine when I got off at three
In the park we often gather to talk of love and peace
When I got there I found that a crowd had gathered round
And there I saw John Daniel a sittin' on the ground

John Daniel tell me where did you come from...

So you want to be free he said well this is how you can
As he read from the Bible he held in his hand
We were searchin' for the truth not knowing where to look
Not knowing that the answers all were in John Daniel's book

John Daniel told us all how we could be free
John Daniel taught us all a better way for you and me
He came to us in our own way so we'd be sure to see
He had the light and essence of the man from Galillee

John Daniel tell me where did you come from...
John Daniel John Daniel John Daniel John Daniel

John Daniel John came to town one summer afternoon...

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