Who Sang Beau Night in Hotchkiss Corners? Doris Day

publisher: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
writers: Ben Oakland, Herbert Magidson
release date:
When it's beau night
In Hotchkiss Corner
You'll find the gang out
At Harem's hangout

Slipping all their nickels in the jukebox
And jivin' madly
It ain't no hay ride
The way that they ride

As with girlies in gingham, swingin'
Like they do up at the savoy
You should see them
When they do the turkey in the floor

After dancin'
They always follow
The sawmill turnpike
To pumpkin hollow

There to kiss and cuddle
And to hold tight
Because there's moonlight
Because it's beau night
in Hotchkiss Corner