E-40 - Drought Season Lyrics

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Yeah E-40 and the mutha****in see-l-I-see-k in this mutha****a, you know
I got my cousin Kaveo on the mutha****in side of me
We fin to spit some of this old flamboyant ****, check game-
It`s another one of them drought spots, a ha-bin cost is like **** it
*****z taken loses that they can`t make up
Gettin gaffled for some of that **** call cake-up
Strechin the crap, making a bad batch
The screen from a trweekers pipe turns black
So they go crazy, get hot-headed, start actin` a fool yellin`
But ya`ll know there ain`t no refunds in the **** that I`m sellin
'cause during the drought season *****z be lookin` for a reason to rush ya
So I suggest you put up your bootsees man and pull out your buckets
Here`s another part of this **** that a *****z up lift about the game
The drought season main, 'cause this **** here never remains the same
And a brother ain`t about to let his mutha****in capital go mein
So instead he gots to get scandlous
'cause he can`t keep up and handle hisbuisness
Like he use to and he ain`t really wit being through, get to it dude
Gotta pull a straight come-up, lick
Catchin` mutha****as outta bounds swerv,
Breakin they punk *** leavin scared
'cause this is the type of **** that occur
So don`t get caught loose on perv
I gots meals, wheels, and about 5 thousand dollars worth of bills
Bank account way on the red, ****in with the highest overhead
Jackin off my money yo *** is out boy and I promise you that
I`m a money hungry mutha****a and I`m so serious about my scratch
So you`re best bet is
To check yourself before you wreck yourself punk botch
I gets down and dirty like Dr. Ruth and I put that on the Gooch
Droppin mutha****as just like a bad habit, Dag nab it
Tricks want to get outta line I let `em have it
Now bag it, I gots Ice Cream Candy
And all kinds of things of that flavor
And maybe later I might be willing to go low as long as you buyer before
'cause I`m the only mutha****a with A-1 Yola,
None of that ol caken with baking soda
It gets released, ceased, and then the prices rises like yeast
Those who gots leftovers will become obese,
Triplin` my mail off the triple beam scale
I even got enemies with envy askin` me for yayo
Chorus -
The Drought Season *****z lookin` for a reason
It`s like Thanksgiving without the feast -n (2 x)

A *****z tryin to work hard on a meal ticket so I can`t stand to be dry
'cause after the stronger man supply
But in the drought season it`s too hard to get by
*****z be runnin` off with D gafflin mutha****as, startin at chances
'cause a *****z mail ain`t to mutha****a fancy,
Rollin around with a duece and a quarter
Can`t get caught lose on the border, sittin on them thangs like 40
Stay ****in with a *****es brain
Can`t be affected by the great depression
This country is in a recession, I reckon
So let me give yo *** a funky lesson-
Never let a mutha****a know what you got or what you buyin
It`s dem bootsee mutha****as in your town that`s always dyin`
Stay low, play the background, keep your **** on a hush mate
Hit it hard one time and then hibernate
Now check game I`m tryin to do my own mutha****in` thang
But **** just ain`t right
For heaters that just got way to tight, Jackin mutha****a`s on sight
But I`m a ***** that don`t give a ****
When I`m tryin to get my cashflow up
And render them seasons what ever the reason may be, *****z comin up
Short tye, Gag, Watch em short out from sea,
For sale signs on a *****`s ****
'cause he ain`t got no mutha****in` D,
Sellin` up everything made of material G
The Drought Season
I`m really not all sure about them thangs that fin to mature
But let me find me a ***** with a grip and hit his *** quick with a lick
What`s your definition of a lick?
Takin` a *****s ****
Hey, put that on sumptin
I put that on the click,
If you consider yourself a hustla can`t be no busta brown
Stackin mail, straight come upin`, when funk come around be down
A *****`s gotta have some type of hustle
Whether it be sellin` Dank or robbin banks
Snitches can`t go to the pen 'cause they **** around and wind up shanked
In the presence of drought season **** gets hectic
*****z losin they lives when they least expect it
It`s E-40 and my cousin Kaveo lettin` mutha****as know main
Spittin that ol **** that mutha****as don`t understand an
Tardy to the crazy *** game, never gotta be clever
Specially in this type of weather, Ya Know?
The Drought Season

[Chorus (4x)]
Thought he had cane but it was Gold Medal flour

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