Who Sang I Hope U Get This Kite? E-40

E-40 Breakin' News cover art
release date: 2003-7-1
genres: Hip Hop
length: 4:06

[Chorus One: repeat 2X]
To all my fellas that's down and doin time right now (right now)
Hold on, stay strong (stay strong)
I see you when you touch down (touch down)
I see you when you come home (come home)

[Chorus Two: repeat 2X]
I hope you get this kite, write back man (write back man)
Hit me right back man, write back (write back)
Hit me right back man, write back (write back)
Hit me right back man, write back (write back)

They say that it's
easy to fall but it's (but what) harder to get back up (get back up)
Stand tall through it all player don't give up (don't give up)
Like Richie Rich said back in the day was true
They can take you from the game but not the game from you
"Tired of Bein' Stepped On," crept on (crept on)
Waitin to get yo' fifteen minutes on the phone (on the phone)
I see you when you touch down (touch down)
I see you when you come home, hold on (hold on)
To all of my fellas up in jail that's in there gettin swell
That ordered my music, bought my music through music-by-mail
We still out here doin it, we ridin Buick LeSabres
and puttin dubs on them bitches, they callin 'em scrapers
I'm tryin to keep it as real as I can man (can man)
You know I came in top ten on the SoundScan (on the SoundScan)
I probably woulda came in bigger but them bootleggers
and that internet shit be fuckin off a nigga

[Chorus One]

I'm muh-uh, makin spread, life's a factor (life's a factor)
Tuna mayonnaise oysters needles and crackers (and crackers)
Liftin water bags and doin them calisthenics (calisthenics)
No more beef and pork, just chicken turkey fish and lettuce
I heard you're hella swoll and you cut your hair
They tell me that you're benchin almost 500 up in thayr (up in thayr)
I see you when you touch down (touch down)
I see you when you come home, stay strong (stay strong)
I ain't Cristal'd out, I still be drinkin Cook's
Today I gave yo' momma some money to put it on yo' book (on yo' book)
Oh and I forgot to tell you too
Congratulations on yo' newborn boy, he look just like you (just like you)
The turf is still boomin, right now it's quiet and sober (sober)
You wouldn't believe the niggaz that's rollin over (rollin over)
I know that you're happy for me I'm doin my thang
Tomorrow I'ma shoot you some pictures cause they mean everything

[Chorus One + Chorus Two]

Dedicated to all the incarcerated soldiers across America (that's right)
E-Figgadel man got your back man like a masseuse trust that
(Like a chiropractor) In real life (in real life)
Y'all stay strong mayne (fo' shiggedy)
All my folks doin life (that's right) stay strong
(Stay strong baby keep your head up)
All my folks that'll be out with the hurry-up-ness (uh-huh)
Get out and get your life together baby it's naythun
(It's naythun pimpin it's naythun)
We gon' make it happen baby (that's real, f'real life, fa-shiggadel)
Trust that (E-40 ain't forgot about you baby)
100 (100)

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  • Album Information
    label: Jive
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 012414185723
    script: Latin