Who Sang Dog? EMF

EMF Stigma cover art
publisher: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
writers: Derran Gene Brownson, Ian Dench, James Saul Atkin, Mark Simon De Cloedt, Zachary Sebastian Rex Foley
release date: 1992-9-28
genres: Electronic Rock
styles: Alternative Rock/Electro/Indie Rock/Industrial
length: 3:57
writer: James Atkin, Ian Dench, Mark Decloedt, Derry Brownson, Zac Foley
Bring out your death thoughts
Let’s start again
Building to break
Natural to hate
You’re tired of your reason to be

Part of something when I know it when I’m high
Part of nothing when I know it when I crack

And I could be your god
I could be your love
And I could be your dog
And I could be more

And I could be your
Tinker tailor soldier sailor rich man poor man male or female
Look in detail for a sign
The crown of thorns is mine
Be my subject
My accessory to murder cuz I wanna get on further


My life depends on profit
What I am and what I’m not
All I ever wanna be
Is only a shadow of how you see me

And if you didn’t look
Being part of it requires dedication
It’s what I need
It’s inspiration
It’s what I feed on
It’s what I need when I bleed
Empty head empty head empty head


CD 1
  • 1 They’re Here
  • 2 Arizona
  • 3 It’s You That Leaves Me Dry
  • 4 Never Know
  • 5 Blue Highs
  • 6 Inside
  • 7 Getting Through
  • 8 She Bleeds
  • 9 Dog
  • 10 The Light That Burns Twice as Bright…