Who Sang I Couldn't Believe It Was True? Eddy Arnold

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publisher: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
writers: Eddy Arnold, Wally Fowler
release date:
length: 2:42
Last night I come home and I knocked on my door
I called to my love as I oft had before
I knocked and I knocked but no answer it came
No kisses to greet me no voice called my name
I couldn't believe it was true oh Lord I couldn't believe it was true
My eyes filled with tears I must have aged ten years
I couldn't believe it was true
I let myself in and I walk to our bed
I found a note there and the message it read
The truth like a bolt from the blue in the dawn
My sweetheart had left me my darling had gone
I couldn't believe it was true oh Lord
The shock was so great I am quivering yet
I tried to forgive but I cannot forget
My heartbreaking loss is another man's gain
Her happiness always I hope will remain
I couldn't believe it was true oh Lord

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