Who Sang I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes? Eddy Arnold

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publisher: ©Peermusic Publishing
writers: A.p. Carter
release date:
length: 3:10
Could been better for us both had we never
In this wide and wicked world had never met
Why the pleasures we both seemed together
I am sure love I'll never forget

Oh I'm thinking tonight of my blues eyes
Who is sailing all over the sea
Oh I'm thinking tonight of her only
And I wonder if she ever thinks of me
[ fiddle ]
Oh you told me once dear that you love me
And you said that we never would part
But a linking the chain has been broken
Leaving me with a sad and aching heart

Oh I'm thinking tonight...
[ steel ]
When the cold cold grave shall inclose me
Won't you come dear and shed just one tear
And say to the strangers around you
Of your heart you have broken last year

Oh I'm thinking tonight...

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    script: Latin